Display stands of GOLF RECORD brand. To hold your Golf itrms.
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The company. What is Golf Record?
Company dedicated to design cutting-edge display stands and case for golf items Golf record was created to satisfy the need that all golfers we must keep and recall our memories and golf items. With this aim we have developed a range of furniture of exclusive design destined to expose the balls, trophies and golf clubs that are meaningful for us. We have achieved that the finishing and the aesthetic products are of a diverse range of styles. Our raw materials and the production system are supported by our dedication to a well done job. For more information or to know more about us visit our website www.golfrecord.es.

Rossell (Castellón - SPAIN)
The town of Rossel is where we develop and tailor our products. This village is situated on the province of Castellón and within that in the region of Bajo Maestrazgo, particularly in the north of the provincial border with Tarragona. Through the municipality of Rossell passes Cenia and Cérvol rivers, but is irrigated in turn by Requena ravine and gully tributaries Les Toner and the Sotarraina, in addition to the ravine Ullastre. Empresa enclavada en un lugar perfecto para la práctica del deporte del Golf

Our company GOLF RECORD
From Castellón:
- By the road CV-10, passes throught Cabanes and very near to Salzadella, until the town of La Jana.
- From La Jana the road N-232 until the village of Traiguera.
- From Traiguera the road CV-11 until the city of San Rafael del Río.
- Next there are 11 kilometers thought CV-100 until Rossell or go from San Rafael to Rossell crossing La Sénia, the road is longer but much better.
Another option from Castellón is using the highway AP-7:
- Exit at Junction number 42 in Vinarós-Ulldecona and join the N-238 towards Ulldecona.
- Deviate direction to San Rafael del Río.
- In San Rafael, there are 11 kilometers along the CV-100 to reach Rossell.

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Display stands of GOLF RECORD brand. To hold your Golf itrms. Thanks for visit us